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"Naam to suna hoga"
Hi! i am an Indian Graphic Designer and Art Director working independently in Delhi.
Specialized in editorial design, infographics, illustration and art direction. With a keen eye for detail, my work is known for its minimalistic and thoughtful approach.

Advanced Graphic Design Course

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Who should take the Advance Graphic Design Course?
  • Students who want to make their career in the graphic design industry as full-time, professional Graphic Designers are ready to invest their time and money to properly learn the required theories, software, and tools and build a portfolio website of their own.

  • Students aiming for a Bachelor's or Master's degree with a specialization in graphic design after doing this 6 months course from renowned institutions like NID, JJ School of Art, Srishti Institute of art, Pearl Academy, etc.

  • People willing to switch from their current profession to start a new career in graphic design. People who want to start their Design studio, Merch, or DTP business with some serious investment are recommended to enroll as well.

  • Be on time for the class.  

  • Be prepared for the class with the materials and completed assignments.  

  • Check your microphone and camera before joining the class.  

  • Work in cooperation with the teacher and your classmates.  

  • Software and other subscriptions need to be managed by the students.  

  • If you were absent, check with your teacher after class on the day you return for the missed assignments.

  • Cheating or copying the work of others is not acceptable.

  • Mute your microphone until asked, in the meantime post your query on the google meet chat box. 

  • You will be informed in advance about the assignment's due date. If you think you may be absent on the due date, you must submit the assignment early.

  • Any nuisance or misbehavior during the class will lead to suspension.

  • Refund Policy: For less than 60 hrs courses there will be a zero refund policy but If you cancel your admission within the first two weeks of the Basic and Advanced graphic design course, your deposit will be refunded less a Rs 5,000 administration fee. Your deposit will not be refunded if you withdraw after two weeks of course commencement, regardless of the reason.

  • Course participation certificate will be given on the following scale: Attendance, performance and assignment submission.

Advanced Graphic Design Course

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