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"Naam to suna hoga"
Hi! i am an Indian Graphic Designer and Art Director working independently in Delhi.
Specialized in editorial design, infographics, illustration and art direction. With a keen eye for detail, my work is known for its minimalistic and thoughtful approach.

Pro Canva Design Course

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Who should take the Pro Canva Design Course?
Who should take the Pro Canva Design Course?
  • Individuals who want to create designs for their own business can save the cost of a designer in the initial stage of their business. People running businesses such as cooking classes, makeup studios, hair stylists, coaching classes, clothing/accessories, beauty care, handmade products, etc.

  • Students who are interested in Graphic Design but are not completely convinced about pursuing it as a career or people who don't want to spend a lot of time or money. Students can explore the Graphic Design field and its career possibilities through this 30-day course.

  • Young or unemployed people who are interested in graphic design and want to set their feet in the design industry without a big investment.

  • Laptop/Computer/iPad (with minimum i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 512GB Hard disk, etc), Good Internet connection (minimum 100 Mbps speed check here

  • Canva login (Pro or Free), Notebook, Sketchbook, Geometry box, Pencil, blue or black pen, and a highlighter.

  • All our courses are designed for freshers, you just need to have good English reading skills and basic computer skills are a must for all of our courses.

  • To ensure you succeed in the course, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the tools—Google Meet, and Gmail (Google Drive).

  • Additionally, we’ll need you to confirm language proficiency since all our courses are taught in Hindi.

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